The “Solution 2 Pollution” system.

The picture here is of the solution 2 pollution system’s water injector which I did two conclusive engine tests with in 2005.
THINK … of it as the … ‘silver bullet’ that KILLED … BIG OIL  … as we know it.

Because it will … CAUSE … the ‘beginning-of-the-end’ for WASTEFUL and HARMFUL pollution from petroleum combustion in the BIG OIL ‘business as usual world’.

Ironically invoking the ‘need-for-greed’ as ‘success-in-business’ models have long relied on, with a 25% fuel savings as ‘the-need’ … So … EVEN Big oil will capitulate ‘and reduce pollution’ in order to remain competitive ‘with-in-their-piers’ as follows.


Paris 1st week 9 beating 2.65 BILLION

The Challenge;

Just today I saw Sean Penn and Robert Redford among others call for action on behalf of governments … I challenge you to put up a ‘pittance for humanity’ $250,000. YOURSELVES …  (maybe only 10 of you @ $25,000 each?) … which will help me get the “Solution 2 Pollution” to market by July 2016 in line with the following time frame and objective.

Re; My offer to the people through the government of BC. to save $2.5 Million a year on this contract;

Page 1

My offer to BC in 2012 page 1
Page 2

My offer to BC in 2012 page 2
Page 3

My offer to BC in 2012 page 3

These three points in Summation;

1)- These are my twin grandchildren (who are now six whom I haven’t seen in over 3 years) but are Haida Gawii Band Members … It is as elder to them I insist that life for their 7 generations forward be OUR IMMEDIATE concern.

Violet and Logan pics May 2015 2

2)- Christy Clark and the Government of BC is obviously failing me as can be surmised by how much she values my contribution through sending me another … $25 CHRISTMAS BONUS! … But still keeping me ON WELFARE!

YEP! … and for the third Christmas now!

CCC check 1 hl2 rs

3)- Last but of MOST CONCERN … I was informed last week by the my medical specialist who did my angioplasty in December 2013 that my veins are back to being nearly plugged off again and if I don’t get off of my ‘**high-fat-diet’ IMMEDIATELY!  … not to expect to make 65 years old without being hospitalized with a stroke or heart attack and possibly even die.
(**Living on the food bank and eating at a soup kitchen because of being left with less than $21/ week to buy groceries … leaves me NO CHOICE) …
21 dollars a week BC welfare

these pics are of me right now …. Starved down to 116 pounds

IMG_6102 Front at poolIMG_6104 side at pool







So now it’s down to … “DO or DIE TRYING” for me … because I might die any day anyway.