Which Catholic are you?

So who are you with 50 shrk


In a parallel frustration to what is depicted above … the question at this point which I feel like asking is “How Catholic are you?” finding how when asked, people professing to be of Catholic faith working in ‘out-reach’ here in Prince George are more adept at skirting around Pope Francis’s “Catholic Climate Covenant” as their ‘call to action’ rather than putting forward quantitative application and effort in alignment with the Popes call.

“Arguably, Pope Francis is one of the most interesting moral voices on the planet,” said Shaun Casey, the special representative on religion and global affairs at the U.S. Department of State, in an interview. “People are listening to him who never paid attention to a Roman Catholic pope, because of his charisma and because of his courage.

Frustrating I say because I have been an advocate and “Climate Change Covenant” sign up since before “December 19, 2014 7:04 AM” obviously, when this was sent to me …

info=catholicclimatecovenant.org@mail.salsalabs.net <info=catholicclimatecovenant.org@mail.salsalabs.net> on behalf of Catholic Climate Covenant <info@catholicclimatecovenant.org>
Sent: December 19, 2014 7:04 AM
To: whywillywhy@outlook.com
Subject: Time is running out


Dear Willy,

We have set aside the month of December to ask for your support to help us reach our goal of $18,000.  We are nearly 40% of the way to our goal. Now is the time!  If you haven’t given, please do so— any amount is appreciated. 
How did we arrive at a goal of $18,000?  That is the minimal cost to produce a great documentary on Pope Francis’s upcoming encyclical on ecology and climate change. We plan to reach 100,000 people with this film.  That is a pretty good return on the money, we think.
We are so grateful for the 130 people who have gotten us almost 40% of the way to our goal.  But our list is over 10,000 people, so we know that many more of you can give.

Please be one of them!  If each of you gave just $20, we could reach our goal in a few hours.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

Remember: We don’t often ask you to help support our work with your treasure.   Without this support, the strides we have made—with your help—to advance Catholic teaching on climate change could slow substantially.   Your support will help us continue to be seen around the world as the place to go for information, programs, and inspiration on all things Catholic and climate change.  
Help us to continue to raise awareness and motivate action on behalf of God’s beautiful gift of Creation and to advocate on behalf of those most impacted by climate change: the poor and the vulnerable both in the United States and around the world.

give us even more to be thankful for by helping to reach our modest goal.  Regardless of the outcome, the staff and board of the Catholic Climate Covenant appreciate you and your support.
And thanks to each of you for prayerfully considering a tax-deductible gift to our important Appeal.

With deep gratitude,

Dan Misleh
Executive Director

Which I am glad and thrilled to support; however not with “A tax-deductible gift”
Rather in the “Solution 2 Pollution” system for responsible fuel combustion and as I explained to the Reverend Steven Jensen, how it references the Sacred Heart Parsonage here in Prince George as origin.

From: whywillywhy@outlook.com
To: shcath@shawcable.com Subject:
The “Sacred Heart” is central to answering the Popes encyclical!
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 00:07:44 -0700


Most Rev. Stephen Jensen,
In the hope that this finds you in good health, I wanted to tell you my story of being sent on a ‘No Heat Call’ to the Sacred  Heart Rectory and me being left to deal with that late at night, where the boiler was down, the buildings cold and -30 weather out side, at your church way back in the winter of 1979 and could have resulted in the most effective address to climate change so far.

Please. let me explain.

Because that was the start for my ‘compiling an Innovation’ of what I now call the “Solution 2 Pollution system” (S2Ps), consequently initiating my thinking about this pollution control system that I spent the last half of my life working to complete and NOW, even though not quite completed, have to bring to the “Solutions Table” … in answer to the Popes “Call for Action on Climate Change”.

That night though qualified only to the level of house furnaces and with no electrical endorsement for over 24 volt control circuitry, and with little to no understanding about why the boiler wouldn’t run, so while sitting on the cement steps … lost for an answer, I prayed for ‘knowledge to help me do this’ ….


Soon after which it came together when I was directed to think back to my childhood and how my dad by putting a penny under a screw in fuse in the fuse box made the lights work.

Where upon checking the ‘control box’ I found the same type of fuse and sure enough it was ‘burned out’, so I installed a penny under it to make the circuit to the blower motor complete and have it come on, which then after the fire-up sequence went to high fire and started heating up the building.   Hoping and praying for hours on that step that it would continue; then with the buildings up to temperature I made note of the ‘blower motor’ information to find an procure a replacement as well as the fuse type and amperage, and finally got to go home to sleep.

With a further God given opportunity due to circumstance to take the training for my Class “A” Gasfitters later that spring right in Prince George, and free to the unemployed which I was, so I attended and attained the highest gas license certification available in BC. to a tradesman since this included ALL of the combustion chemistry along with safety in engineering.

Fast forward from March 30, 1980 until now and over the 35 years since, along with working actively in the field I have tried in every which way to help mankind resolve for and deal with “Global Warming” caused by ‘climate change’ which in large part is the result of emitting ‘heat and pollution’ to our atmosphere from hydro-carbon combustion.
But it was not to be, and it almost seemed like I had spent the last 35 years of my 63 years of living … in vain, because the hundreds, possibly upward of a thousand e-mails and prompts I’ve put forward since then seldom brought a reply … and when it did, NEVER any help offered … in stead I was always ‘brushed off’ and nothing congealed into help with saving “Gods Green Earth” …
Having all but given up hope until rumors of the ‘up-coming’ popes encyclical started circulating in spring.

Admittedly though, last Christmas December 25, 2014 was both my lowest and highest reference in sense of self esteem and personal value that I have ever felt and experienced in one day.

Starting out with waking up, alone, and feeling even more isolated knowing that this was the third Christmas since I had seen, heard or been with my grandchildren. My daughter being the last remaining ‘close family’ to have written me off, oh … Although I live at my nephews house all right … but that only because he doesn’t have the heart to kick me out, yet because like with my daughter it’s all about “Making Money” to him too.

So feeling only a little bit more disenchanted than I had been lately, I sat down at my computer and after doing the usual e-mail check, checked the CTV News web page also.

Finding a story about Ivon Choinard unveiling a documentary called “Dam It” in Banff Alberta and how it tied in with BC’s Site “C” dam project something which he is totally against seeing built … Wow! Common Ground! … was my first thought.

As I read and surfed more about him I found out he had companies under his ‘Patagonia Works’ umbrella who did $600, MILLION in business a year from which he contributed “1% for the Environment” as he had been for decades … Incredible! I thought.

Then when I got to his “$20 MILLION and CHANGE” initiative I knew I had ‘struck gold’ … or so it seemed so I replied to the response e-mail immediately, and with-in moments got confirmation from their ‘mail robot’ … with the included message that they would be in on January 5 2015 and answer to questions at that time. … I was ELATED!   …. FINALLY some-one looking for ANSWERS!

And not only on pollution reduction but ‘he’ was also focused on environmental waste management, food, energy conservation, saving water all to do with sustainability which were other fields I just knew

I could help with having designed a “Garbage to Gourmet” … Aquaponic growing system which addressed ‘several’ of the issues ‘including jobs for the homeless and at risk youth’ … for one which I started compiling information for in 2013.

Plus I was also just finishing the last design stages of a DC electric motor which I projected to be 80% more efficient than the conventional ones in use today, using first an ‘attraction phase’ which rotates the armature, which then degenerates immediately to a ‘repulsion phase’ … compounded by an ultimate ‘rejection phase’ before the cycle starts again.

So when the first ‘rejection’ came from Ivon I took it at ‘face value’, when it was followed by a ‘second rejection’ … I was repulsed not only by feeling again taken advantage of, but the level of “GREEN WASHING” this actually was disappointing … since IMHO now … it was ALL for public consumption.

Although disappointed because ‘come-ons’ turning out to be just ‘put-offs’ aren’t conducive to psychologically healthy human relationships due to ‘the loss of trust’ … Although this was ‘exactly’ the condition ‘designed’ in the motor which being mechanical and running on ‘magnetic field influences’ was the ‘optimum aspired to’ and I have him to thank for a name to call it.

Following which came this statement made by

Katharine Jefferts Schori;

“The highest ranking woman in the Anglican communion has said climate denial is a “blind” and immoral position which rejects God’s gift of knowledge.” … to which I responded of course but have yet to receive a reply after several months.

By now though I am beginning to feel that she too might have ‘rejected’ … God’s gift of knowledge in this …
Because and although ‘gifted enough to understand it … as a grade 10 drop-out could ever be’ I am humble enough to realize that … ‘I am just the messenger’ … that everything including my life was a ‘gift’ from God and it was only by his grace and ‘protecting hand’ that I am still alive.

No doubt in my mind, from being born (*second) on the side of a Mexican desert road, with my mother laying on the flattest of ‘three rocks’ on the cold moonless night of January 26, 1952 … delivered by my dad under the light of a ‘carbide lantern’ and weighing in at the hospital 80 Kilometers and hours later at less than 900 grams,  up to and including having my doctor in Prince George here telling me ‘prepare’ … because I’d be … ‘dead from asbestosis by 1999 at the latest’, and yet here I am to write this to you! … after 15 more years of ‘borrowed time’ … (* I was born two months ‘premature’ but also *second to my twin sister who had been miscarried my our mother 2 months earlier.)

My parents had meanwhile already lost three infants in ‘infant death’ due to severe malnutrition before my birth and I was my mothers ‘change-of-life’ baby being 39 years old.

Back to the story of “The Sacred Heart Rectory heating system” though … I do feel that with the growing realization and urging to “Do Something” for the last decades … now joined by the Pope Francis “Call To Action on Climate Change” for ALL humanity! … The message I have to bring ‘might not be lost’ but instead … ring ‘true’ to people of faith.

So yesterday I went there to see if I could maybe talk to someone of the perish but found only a contractor working there and no one from the administration off hand so I still took some pictures anyway … because in retrospect I feel the ‘turning point’ for me was ‘being enlightened’ not only to fix the immediate problem at the time; but was also deemed worthy and capable of understanding a “Bigger Message” … sitting on that basement step totally open, willing and vulnerable to spiritual input.

I apologize if this e-mail has gotten longer than most letters get … but it is important for me to acknowledge the experience of that truthfully and this is how it ‘fit in’ to the big picture.

The final point I would like to make though before I sign off is that … Although my S2P system works on internal combustion engines to increase their fuel efficiency by 25% … However; When this system is applied to ‘building heating’ the increase in ‘energy efficiency’ approaches 100% … yes! that is heating (2) two buildings of the same size on the same amount of fuel it took to heat one with a furnace or boiler.

So if you are interested I’d like to talk to you as well about how to conserve half of the fuel and heating costs to heat your buildings after ‘conversion’ … fittingly making the “Sacred Heart” the first installation of the S2P system in response to the Popes “Heartfelt  encyclical.

As stated earlier I live at my nephews residence who is NOT a morning person, being that the house line is the only phone available so if you call please make it after 10:00 am … ok? The number is (250) xxx-xxxx.

Or you can always reply by e-mail.
In hope and faith, I remain

Sincerely yours,
Willy Ens.

I have yet to receive a reply … [or to be further updated …]

[To be continued … stay tuned!]


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