Hello! … Prince George Boosters!

Seasons Greetings!  … To the SOLUTION 2 POLLUTION’s … home CITY!

With all of the focus on Paris and COP 21 and Global Warming lately … We are looking for fellow Prince George people to connect with who are also environmentally concerned but might not realize that the “Solution 2 Pollution” system design originated from the trial and circumstances of a “No-Heat” call made by the pastor from the Sacred Heart Rectory here in Prince George in December 1979, which ‘the inventor’ was dispatched to fix. 


Sacred Heart (4)


Fast forward to December 2015 only to find out that for COP 21 is the SECOND TIME this system to reduce pollution was offered; to a Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. Having first offered it to young Justin’s father
P.E. Trudeau in 1983, … 32 years ago, with the hope to see it ‘unveiled’ at EXPO 86‘ … 29 YEARS AGO.

This is A Ground level Opportunity don’t delay!

We THINK Being part of the ‘Solution 2 Pollution’ is a “ONCE-IN-A-LIFE-TIME” OPPORTUNITY but we are ‘your neighbors’ and a grass roots movement needing all the help we can get to save our planet … so, to join us or if you would like to know more, … Please use this handy form and ‘You WILL get a reply ASAP guaranteed’.


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