The Solution 2 Pollution system.

Injector clean

With regard to Climate Mobilization and concern over ‘costs and job losses’ meet the “Solution 2 Pollution ” system which PAYS YOU back in savings through a 25% increase in fuel efficiency on any EXISTING engine ‘converted’, creating JOBS and an economic drive of its’ own …


Re;   The revolutionary “Solution 2 Pollution” system is ‘VERY unique’ in many ways, like;  

It increases fuel efficiency on any ‘CONVERTED’ engine by 25%! Paying back the ‘consumer’ for the conversion costs quickly after which it is all savings!

It ‘strips’ the exhaust emissions’ of ALL water soluble GHGs [the ‘acid rain’ type] before they ever clear the tail pipe.

It also ‘condenses’ the water vapor out at the same time which the hydrogen combustion produced, before it becomes air-born and comes back as precipitation i.e.; ice storms or torrential rain. [**1.25+ Gallons of water results from burning 1.00 Gallon of fuel]

It entrains our 400 ppm. air, burns the fuel with it and then ‘strips’ the exhausts gasses down to potentially ‘0’ ppm. or at least < 250 ppm. Which ALREADY would be MASSIVE! Since it would be on track to restoring our atmosphere to <350 ppm. by 2100 and LESS THAN a 2 DEGREE temperature rise for the planet! SO survival for the species!

It is driven by “SAVINGS” so, IMHO the BEST thing Governments could do is ‘facilitate’ this ‘ECONOMY of ITS’ OWN’ and LET consumer demand do the rest spurring on activity …

It will create permanent full time JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS, to meet the consumer DEMAND Everything in the ‘supply-line’ right from manufacturing work, to CEO, to the mechanical trades work of doing the ‘conversions’ on existing and ‘in-every-day-use’ industrial engines; ranging from ocean going tankers to container ships, ferries, locomotives, to long haul trucks, city buses and right down to fleet vehicles like RCMP patrol vehicles, roving ambulances and even taxies.

It is TIMELY! The timing is perfect for it to be unveiled at COP 21 by our “NEW” Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau showing the world our ‘Canada’s New direction’ standing proud and proclaim what “WE CAN DO”! And have to offer HOPE and confidence!


You can’t just turn off the oil tap and it all magically happens that would be utter chaos!
It must be done responsibly through good science using existing innovation, and INCLUDE the ‘reoccupation’ the displaced work force to meaningful, secure, and well paying jobs.

Imagine this THOUGH …

  1. – Having a solution to ‘wean’ US off of our ‘OIL Addiction’ that would literally be a bridge to a green economy by it’s very nature and motivated by a ‘resulting’ 25% savings to the ‘oil’ consumer in reduced fuel use?
  2. – Then to ‘compliment’ that included FOR FREE is nearly a 100% *water soluble GHG removal from ANY FUEL engine exhaust AS a BONUS? (*The acid rain forming kinds.)

The “Solution 2 Pollution” system does exactly that, driving public demand “For The Savings” which will cause and CREATE Millions of NEW Permanent JOBS that never existed before.

And to have resolved this ‘Glaring Problem’ …

Why the waste?  …

With the waste and inefficiency of our internal combustion engine, and home heating systems being two of the most glaring, yet least understood sources of pollution problems of our time.

First of all, the engine only uses the ‘explosive energy’ of the fuel discarding the heat.

Which  is ‘equal to’ half of the energy it has, or a 50% loss since in the home heating system, the ‘explosive energy’ is defeated instead since the fuel is ‘burned’ for its heat content, or some would say ‘for the ‘other half’.

In the engine though when the fuel air mixture is ‘burned’ it is also ‘purposely starved of oxygen’ which ONLY allows the fuel to ‘combust’ to carbon monoxide and …

 so it CAN ONLY release 1/2 of its ‘power‘ or ‘explosive energy’, in the motor.

Meanwhile the other ‘half of the explosive energy’ is ‘safely defeated’ by being ‘catalytically burned’ instead to CO2 in the “catalytic converter” which every car on the road ‘today’ is equipped with before being ‘dumped’ into the air we breathe This HEAT though also ONLY ADDS TO GLOBAL WARMING It has NO other VALUE!.

Simply put …

“For every DOLLAR … $1.00 “WE” spend at the pump ‘only’ $.25 goes to driving …

1) – $.50 is ‘heat energy’ and our DIRECT … CONTRIBUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING! Bought, paid for, and then WASTED by the engine!

2) – $.50 is ‘explosive energy’ of which
        A) – ½ or $.25 goes to driving … and
.         B) – ½ or $.25 is ‘burned safely’ by the catalytic converter producing even more HEAT out of it … adding to Global warming!

With the added ‘insult to injury’ … to our ENVIRONMENT of ‘dumping’ the products of combustion … DIRECTLY into the air we breathe, no less! … From both our home heating systems and transport vehicles.

The ‘S2P’ system addresses this ‘problem’ for both increasing ‘energy efficiency’ in transport by 25% while in the ‘home or process heating system’ the increase in energy efficiency approaches 100% and in both nearly 100% of the “Acid Rain” causing GHGs are removed.

It is expected that the ‘consumer demand’ for the ‘inherent savings’ will create, permanent, secure, ‘GREEN’ jobs, keeping thousands of ‘average skill level people’ employed.

Working in all positions from CEO to ‘blue collar’ full time and full out 24/7 trying to meet the ‘insatiable demand’ for thousands of ‘man-years-of-work’ get this!


With everyday uses like ocean going tankers/ container ships, coastal ferries, diesel generating plants, train locomotives, heavy hauler and long haul high trucks, all being eligible.

More graphics and information here;




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