Green Grass +7º C in PG?

Cherry blossoms for Christmas? …

Needing a sense of “RADICAL expression” fitting to my mood and sense of urgency over climate change and the seemingly sluggish negotiations at COP 21, I went looking through my library for the right picture to convey the message I needed for my new blog background … and the urgency of Climate Change.

So when I later found this website for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while surfing the internet, I just had to reply and let him know about me and that I would be watching for a reply from him on my challenge to unveil the “Solution 2 Pollution” system in Paris at the closing ceremonies .

Mail sent to PM Trudeau 1

My response;

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I appreciate your accessibility and do hope this information gets to you.

What I am writing about is the “Solution 2 Pollution” ‘system for efficient, responsible petroleum fuel combustion in transportation as well as building and process heating while reducing pollution.

From this blog posting;

What my system does is use the ‘heat energy’ released in ANY fuel driven engine on combustion and convert that into a ‘secondary steam explosion’ following the fuel explosion …

By doing this in the last half of the ‘power stroke’ it adds this ‘torque’ to the engines ‘out-put’ making it 25% more ‘energy efficient’.

To achieve this 10 gallons of water needs to be injected into the engine over the same period of time as a gallon of fuel is used by the engine. This ‘precisely metered amount’ of water per injection is injected into the cylinder immediately following the ‘fuel explosion’ only a micro-second after the heat has been released by the explosion at ‘top dead center’.

Then as the piston gets to about half way down the cylinder the water explodes to steam. To eliminate having a water tank 10 times the size of the fuel tank … reclaiming the ‘steam’ out of the exhaust made the best sense because then a 5 gallon reservoir would be all that is required.

HOWEVER! with this ‘condensate’ being ‘scrubbed’ out of the exhaust it would have to be cleaned of ALL the “ACID RAIN” producing GHG’s it absorbed out of the exhaust at the same time. [just like rain out of our sky only much more effective in such concentration while still in the exhaust piping.]

And although it might seem a near ‘exaggeration’ to add more benefit to that but when this system is used in ‘home heating’ which is stationary the ‘energy efficiency’ becomes nearly double as compared to the ‘best’ furnace or boiler in use today.

The “POSTER CHILD” to ‘unveil’ at COP 21!

So meanwhile we WAIT and WATCH … P.M. Trudeau … The second “P.M. Trudeau” WHOM I have asked concerning
“Climate Change” …

Yes! … Ironically I did ask your dad P.E. Trudeau in a personal plea to help me with “CIRCUMVENTING” the pollution which would cause Climate Change from my reading of the vision for our future in the early 1980’s.

 I wanted it ” OFFERED 2 the WORLD”, as the Canadian  ‘WE-CAN-DO‘  “Break-through” at EXPO 86’ and be using my “Solution 2 Pollution” system to save money, resources, and environment … from then on.

It was ALL … To no avail though.

So at this late date … simply put … I ask you My PM Trudeau again … to help me  … 29 YEARS LATER, … once again leaving the ball in your court … watching for the ‘return’ and hoping to read a ‘Sunny Ways Spin on it! … this time.


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