Just-in … ‘Y’ … ‘W.E.’ … no vote 4 U … Trudeau!


When the election was called with so much time until election day I was thrilled … So in my mind although it was now late in the year 2015 was going to still be the year of “Change” and the vehicle seemed to be the NDP and Tom Mulcaire which pleased me even more …

Not because I am an NDP member at heart or subscriber of any “brand-name-political-stripe” … preferring ‘no-name’ myself as in ‘independent MP’s or MLA’s’ … but that is another story.

For now what matters is  … Mulcaire was leading in public opinion polls when I received this e-mail from National NDP Headquarters no less!

NDP Launch by Nathan Cullen in Prince George 1
Yes! I’m Going to meet Nathan Cullen!


All right! … I would finally get to meet Nathan Cullen since he was going to be the ‘key-note’ speaker opening up the NDP’s Trent Derrick campaign office! … All that I need do was make sure public transit would work to get there, the pub get-together was out of the question but the office gathering could work.

So after checking the bus schedule to confirm the 5:30 -6:30 time frame would work I was bubbling over with enthusiasm as I went for an early sauna at the Four Seasons Pool here in Prince George BC.
(The following was copied from a ‘pay to see’ blog site about this experience as posted here on September 27 2015https://www.patreon.com/posts/where-is-jack-3441675 .)


Where is Jack? … Nathan Cullen asked, jokingly!
Published Sep 27, 2015

Cool! “So Nathan remembers me well enough steal my punch line .. Eh?” I thought.

It was early evening and I was at Trent Derricks campaign headquarters ‘meet and greet’ listening to Nathan Cullen do his presentation as he brought the group along in reminiscing an experience when Ottawa staffers had felt unattached due to their limited cell phone connection to Jack Layton and Olivia Chow while they were kayaking on an impromptu holiday near Prince Rupert on the North West Coast of BC.

I must have looked as out-of-place as a fish out of water sitting there in my ‘street life clothes’ among the middle class ‘bling’ … smiling at him while recognizing his repeating of the very question I had asked him … about Jack and using it as a punch line! … At one time I might have been ‘smitten or impressed’  …

Shortly after ‘offing … my rose colored glasses’ though my conscientious observer clued into his prompting what in sales techniques is simply known as :”Price Conditioning” by ‘used car salesmen’.

When he continued with … “A riding smaller than this with less people contributed over $14,000.00 dollars to launch their campaign”  [my guess maybe hoping for $8 or $10,000 at best … BUT keeping the donors … almost feeling GOOD! … Why? they are kept purposefully approachable for more … ONCE fulfilled that is no longer the case! ]

Well I had no more time for ‘mind games or sales techniques’ like that … Nope! …

Eight hours earlier

I wanted answers, this time!
It was election time, and he knew I was here, because he had shook my hand without question … in a coincidental meeting, early in the day at the ‘Four Seasons’ swimming pool here in Prince George.
Because after getting out of the sauna and not wearing my glasses while changing in the change room some one else entered from the pool area, I thought nothing of it other than to make the off hand remark;

“Yes! … I’ll be able to make it to meet Nathan Cullen at the NDP campaign head quarters next to the Spruce Land Shopping Center after all!”

Punctuated by my double thumbs up gesture as I was drying off.

I don’t recall what the response was … I sense it was affirming of that rather than negative for me to continue with,

“Yep! I finally get to meet him after 11 years!” …

Maybe to further question or through me just ‘ranting on as usual’ but I found myself starting into my ‘Sales Pitch’ on the Solution 2 Pollution system again this time though including that I had tried to contact Jack Layton about it through Nathan Cullen in 2004 and got one reply from Jack but nothing since.

Either way, he had changed as I doddled along, so when he was about to leave he asked … while also holding out his hand to shake mine;

“And who are you?”

Taking his I replied … “Willy” … “Willy Ens, and you?”

To my surprise! …  “Nathan” was what he said.

I asked in disbelief … “Nathan Cullen?” …
(Remember, I’m still not wearing my glasses so up close things are really fuzzy)
“Wow! …  nice to meet you … I’ll see you at the gathering then” … was my reply.

Nathan Cullen September 22 2015.png

Fast Forward eight hours

Well other than for taking his picture personally I got nothing else from Nathan, other than a sad realization … HE had not even mentioned ‘pollution’ or ‘climate change’ … with me sitting right there … So I thought I was just going to go home … dejected when I saw two gentlemen smoking cigarettes in the parking lot, specifically that one was wearing a USW crest on his coat and so an obvious Steel Workers Union Rep.

As it was I had wanted to talk to someone from the USW union since 2012 already when the Babine Lumber disaster happened because I had worked there on their gas system albeit years ago in 1998 when I commissioned a large boiler for them. And as well, I had worked at another ‘bug kill mill’ in the fall of 2011 before any of the explosions happened at the other mill so I had some important insights, knowledge and understanding to contribute, from a safety point of view.

This was only going to be ‘him giving me a business card’ introduction though as it seemed … including after getting his reply to my long and in-depth e-mail which I had sweated over most of the day trying hard to impress my resolve and concern.

Now as it seems some one from Trent Derricks team might catch on that this won’t sound right … Re; as quoted from my e-mail to Terry …

Then after running into and chatting with Trent Derrick this afternoon at Tim Hortons, I thought of the disappointment it would be for him to find out about me ‘pulling back’ this … ‘EXCLUSIVE’ offer and opportunity which I so much wanted to extend to the NDP … all without him knowing about it or having a chance to exercise ‘his’ integrity …

So I realize I need to make it perfectly clear what ‘exactly’ he is about to miss out on which Jack, Nathan, and maybe more in the NDP head office KNEW ABOUT for a decade! … [Re; based on my experience from 2004.]


What my system does is use the ‘heat energy’ released in ANY fuel driven engine on combustion and convert that into a ‘secondary steam explosion’ following the fuel explosion …

By doing this in the last half of the ‘power stroke’ it adds this ‘torque’ to the engines ‘out-put’ making it 25% more ‘energy efficient’.

To achieve this 10 gallons of water needs to be injected into the engine over the same period of time as a gallon of fuel is used by the engine. This ‘precisely metered amount’ of water per injection …. is injected into the cylinder immediately following the ‘fuel explosion’ only a micro-second after the heat has been released by the explosion at ‘top dead center’.

Then as the piston gets to about half way down the cylinder the water explodes to steam. To eliminate having a water tank 10 times the size of the fuel tank … reclaiming the ‘steam’ out of the exhaust made the best sense because then a 5 gallon reservoir would be all that is required. …

HOWEVER! with this ‘condensate’ being ‘scrubbed’ out of the exhaust it would have to be cleaned of ALL the “ACID RAIN” producing GHG’s it absorbed out of the exhaust at the same time. [just like rain out of our sky … only much more effective in such concentration while still in the exhaust piping.

And although it might seem a near ‘exaggeration’ to add more benefit to that …  But when this system is used in ‘home heating’ which is stationary … the ‘energy efficiency’ becomes nearly double as compared to the ‘best’ furnace or boiler in use today. As you will find quoted in this … the same website I directed Jack and Nathan to in 2004 … http://wecando101.tripod.com/


Fast Forward to December 5, 2015 …

Although I attribute Tom Mulcaire NOT getting to know about this due the failing of his ‘pseudo-supporters’ but it might do well to remember … they were first ‘SCORNED’ leadership contenders during the party’s power struggle with-in after Jack Laytons passing … and the festering need to address ‘old war-wounds’ in the ‘stolen’ M.O. of the corporate world of … a ‘DON’T GET MAD … GET EVEN’ mentality might prevail.

Now though … I would caution you … My Dear PM … because I fear your ‘people’ seem to be failing you TOO! … no less than Mulcaires ‘pseudo supporters’ have done to him; that is assuming that you DIDN’T know about the “Solution 2 Pollution” system when you took the podium at COP 21.

Whereas if you did get to know about it through your candidate Tracy Colagheros here in Prince George recently, through this e-mail thread … or previously found out about me having offered it to your dad in 1983 … a full 3 years before EXPO 86 … in plenty of time to get it there, either way … NOW THAT YOU DO KNOW … even if you do nothing … that is FAILING ME TOO! … ALONG with HUMANITY!

SO INSTEAD! … IMAGINE! … having the “SOLUTION 2 POLLUTION” system and method of ‘EFFICIENT FUEL COMBUSTION’ to offer at the podium in YOUR closing remarks at COP 21 in just under a week?

YOU! could become “Historical and REVOLUTIONARY” … IN VISION!

The choice is yours … W.E. … will be WATCHING, WAITING and WORRYING!

BTW … in the “…’Y’ … ‘W.E.’ … No Vote 4 ‘U’ …” pertains to only me with ‘W.E.’ being my initials and voting for Trent Derrick.

Trent an me

Trent in service

This is a pic of Trent and me … having just served me and the hundreds of other “HOMELESS” people  “THANKS GIVING DINNER” (at the **Sacred Heart Auditorium) and by taking a selfie with me, … mistakenly had me convinced and thinking he would really be there for me and my grandchildren as well as for you and yours … to the point that I actually ‘invested’ my ‘franchise’ and voted for him.
(** The Sacred Heart Complex is where the “Solution 2 Pollution” was conceived and originated in 1979.)

Marked Ballot tr cr 1.JPG

That … Dear Justin, my friend is why I didn’t vote for you … and instead mistakenly thought I had to vote for my kids and grand children first.

But … This late in the game … ‘We’ ask … please don’t let us down …


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